Pastor E. P. Kauffeld reaches back over forty-six years in the ministry to make available several sermon series.


Remember how strongly Martin Luther encouraged preaching on the Catechism. If you are at all inclined to follow his advice, you can find a wealth of ideas and illustrations for your own series from this veteran Pastor Kauffeld.

The sermons are as follows:

1. The Triune God
2-10. Commandments
11. The First Article
12. Angels
13. What is Man
14. The Second Article
15. The Third Article
16. Prayer
17. The Lord's Prayer - The Address
18-25. The Lord's Prayer - Petitions 1-7
26. The Lord's Prayer - Conclusion
27. Baptism
28. The Ministry of the Keys
29. The Lord's Supper
30. The Day of Salvation, Judgment Day
The Catechism in Sermons- 170 pages  by: Rev E. P. Kauffeld
Paperback $14.95 plus shipping or in digital no shipping.

O.T. SERMON SERIES - Heros of the Old Testament.

Pastor Eugene Kauffeld drawing on over 40 years of ministry has made available the following series.

Abraham - 6 Sermons
Daniel - 5 sermons
David - 5 sermons
Elijah - 8 sermons
Joseph - 4 sermons
Moses - 8 sermons

Those of you who have use Pastor Kauffeld's materials in the past know that he gives a very good overview of history. These sermons are rich in history and show his love of the Old Testament.

Old Testament Sermon Series - 191 pages Sermons on Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, Elijah, and Daniel  by: Rev E. P. Kauffeld
Paperback $14.95 plus shipping or in digital no shipping.


A complete Lenten Series from Ash Wednesday through Easter.
  1. Roles of the Passion
  2. Places of the Passion
  3. Types of Christ
  4. Jesus the King from Triumph to Glory
  5. Were You There

Lenten Series - 272 pages 5 complete Sermon Series  by: Rev E. P. Kauffeld
Paperback $22.95 plus shipping or in digital no shipping.

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