Have you ever wondered why we at times say we prefer this teacher to that one, or this class to another?   After all, is it not the same well-known and well-loved stories of Scripture they speak of?  True, the text may be the same, but in the hands of a skilled and emotionally invested servant of the Lord, the well-worn story becomes something more, something we see in intimate clarity - that "a-ha" moment when a teacher or minister lays bare in his own words a thought, an insight, a connection we have never felt in all our years even though we thought we knew and understood the story so well.

This book is full of such don't miss discoveries. Those moments when we see and understand the intimate details more clearly than we had ever dreamt possible. The wonderful stories we grew up with find and take their place in a new home; not on the pages of a book, but in the heart and the mind. This is what Bible History and Meditations brings to the reader.

Bible Stories and Meditations - 275 pages  by: Rev. Shawn Kauffeld
Paperback $20.00 Also available in disk.


The devotions contained in this book were originally delivered as lunchtime devotions at Well Haven/The Lutheran Home in River Falls, Wisconsin. While they are geared for the elderly, they will benefit persons of any age. The residents at these facilities came from many different Christian denominations. These devotions are presented with the hope that others outside the facilities mentioned above might also come to know and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and that by believing in him might have eternal life.

A FEW MINUTES WITH JESUS - 368 pages  by: Rev Thomas Kutz
Paperback $15.00 Also available in disk.


This book of daily devotions is intended to bring God's Word into the hearts and lives of all who read it.

In the midst of every trial, test, temptation, tragic or joyful situation or moment, these devotions can help the reader when suffering the Lord's will in life. Thereby he can gain new comfort and strength for his soul when remembering all of God's blessings to him by faith in Christ. Each day's devotion follows the Church Year calendar and is based on the appropriate Scripture for that day. In addition, there is a "through the Bible in one year" reading schedule that can be followed. An Index of Scripture passages used is also included.

Rev. Larson has served for over 30 years as a parish Pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Synod. 

He is Pastor of Saude Lutheran Church (ELS), Lawler, IA;
Jerico Lutheran Church (ELS), New Hampton, IA;
and Cross Lutheran Church (WELS), Charles City, IA.

REMEMBER GOD'S BLESSINGS - 418 pages  by: Rev Dan Larson
Paperback $30.00


"Come, Follow Me" sets before the reader 365 Bible Stories and Gems of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation through which the Bible can be read in one year. It is written to be used for Personal, Family, Church Devotions, Sunday School or Bible Study.

Come Follow Me - 475 pages  by: Rev E. P. Kauffeld
Paperback $34.95

Sailing With God

Sailing with God is a beautiful reflection of God and the spiritual lessons He teaches us through the wonders of His creation. When Jesus was on earth, He often taught in parables. He told stories to bring across spiritual truths. All around us God still teaches us lessons using pictures and examples. He has countless lessons to teach us if we would only take the time to stop, look and ponder. This book has 30 deovtions which use thoughts and concepts from sailing to mirror our walk with God.

SAILING WITH GOD - 94 pages  by: Sheila Wilkins
Paperback $10.00

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