Especially written to capture the heart.
Increase your faith. Build your knowledge.
Isn't that what you want in a short story?  When was the last time you actually found one? Here are six of them in one book!

The Soil of Squalor Hill  In this story a young vicar learns much under the guidance and explanations of Adom the owner of a farm.  Adom uses the soil, seeds, plants, and harvest to explain what it means to be rooted in Christ Jesus.

Campfire Christians This story uses a wilderness retreat for pastors, teachers, and lay members.  Here you will meet Salvo, an old pastor who uses the various aspects of a campfire and the nature around him to give a tired pastor a fresh and new outlook.

 The Secret Place  A very touching story which contrasts Sonya and her twin brother Samuel.  Although she considers herself a christian, Sonya distances herself from the "philosophical talk" of her brother.  Samuel goes through a series of tragedies, almost a modern day Job, yet he maintains one goal, to make the most of his time.  The calmness and peace which he has in his Secret Place plead their case to his sister who loves him dearly.

 The Pilgrimage  In this story you are taken on a journey at Camp Convey.  This is no ordinary wilderness journey.  Camp Convey with its many sights and descriptions is set up to mirror a persons life and walk to heaven in a most beautiful way.  Come and walk with Joel and his family. This is one trip that you will never forget.

A Window of Hope God sets, 'prepares' a road for you to travel on in this life. That road is always the most rewarding and pleasant when you look to see what good you can accomplish while traveling on it. Such a journey will become a window of hope to those you come in contact with. This story is filled with the wonders and beauty of a giving heart. Such a heart should be eagerly sought after.

The Reins of Life Who is in charge of your life?  Who holds the reins? In this story two adopted children have many obstacles to overcome,  but the love of their new parents prove more than enough. In the end, that love is more important than even the State Swimming Competition.

Short Stories That Touch The Heart - 215 pages  by: Rev. Shawn Kauffeld
Paperback includes all six stories  -  $14.95 plus shipping or in digital no shipping.


Have you been interested in or troubled by recent information in shows like "Ancient Aliens" or "Hanger One"?
Was the world once more advanced than we are today?
Do such teachings conflict with Scripture?
How can the questions which they raise be answered without destroying faith?

The answers, to the above questions, will affect your faith no matter which side you take;
but it does not need to harm your faith.

"As It Was, So It Will Be" takes up those questions and discussions. If you read and enjoyed the "Screwtape Letters" by C. S. Lewis, then you will find this book interesting. We hope you enjoy this Christian Syfy book, it will give you a lot to think about.

As It Was, So It Will Be - 57 pages  by: Rev. Shawn Kauffeld
Paperback - $8.50 plus shipping or in digital no shipping.

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