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Our Sunday School materials "Searching the Scriptures" which was added last year, can be used for Sunday School, VBS, Bible Study, or private Devotions. "Searching the Scriptures" is divided into three levels:

  • The Lower Level is written for children in Pre-Kindergarten through Third Grade.
  • The Intermediate Level is written for children in Grades Four through Seventh Grade.
  • The Upper and Teachers Level is called "Bible Stories and Meditations"

To view or download "Searching the Scriptures" click on the link that says Download Center.

You will now see a folder that says, Free Samples. Click on that link and you will see the Sunday School Materials. which you can download; Lower Level, Intermediate Level, Crossword Puzzles and Coloring Sheets. Those items are available as free download.
The Upper Level, "Bible Stories and Meditations" is not available as a free download. It can be purchased and is listed in the Devotional Section of this Website

***Have you written a book, or are you planning on writing one. Books of the Way also does short-run printing for those who desire to publish their work.***

There are many good reasons good reasons to have your work done by a short run printer. To find out more about short run printing read about it under Specials 1 section.